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Tuesday October 20, 10:50 AM


I am happy to announce an agreement with the Boston Amateur Baseball League. This agreement will now increase our 40 division to 10 teams and our 50 division to 11 teams.

I’ve talked about interleague play, or combining for a number of years. I tried to make this work with a couple of leagues, but for some reason couldn’t. However, Paul Harrington, President of Boston Amateur Baseball League, who I give a lot of credit to, wanted to make this work as much as we did. I believe this will add new rivalries, excitement and create a great baseball experience for the players involved. This will also allow us to possibly create a 58+ division for older players wishing to continue playing.

The managers in both leagues will determine the final structure, of a regular season and playoff format. But a basic agreement is in place to combine and play regular season and playoff games.

Check back for more information as we finalize plans.


2015 RIMSBL Champions

Thursday September 17, 9:32 PM

Congratulations to the MARINERS - 2015 19 Division RIMSBL Champions!

Congratulations to the SEADOGS - 2015 32 Division RIMSBL Champions!

Congratulations to the SALTY DOGS - 2015 42 Division RIMSBL Champions!

Congratulations to the SALTY DOGS - 2015 50 Division RIMSBL Champions!

LinkedIn Group for League Members

Tuesday October 15, 12:14 PM

Please consider joining the RIMSBL LinkedIn group. If you have a profile on http://www.linkedin.com, go to the RIMSBL group and simply click the join button. It is open to anyone affiliated with RIMSBL and is for professional networking purposes.