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Ernie Pacheco Passes Away

Friday September 12, 8:07 PM

It is with deep regret that I inform our league of the recent passing of one of our own - Ernie Pacheco. Ernie played baseball for more than 15 years in RIMSBL. He started in the league with the Galaxy Stars and later moved to the Riptide. Ernie was an excellent player at Providence College as well as one of the best hitters to have played in our league.

Ernie continued his relationship with RIMSBL recently serving as an umpire in the Rhode Island Umpires Association. Ernie will always be remembered as a great sportsman who respected the game, his opponents, his teammates and most importantly our league. We will miss him as he joins an all star team just beyond that distant field we all call home.

LinkedIn Group for League Members

Tuesday October 15, 12:14 PM

Please consider joining the RIMSBL LinkedIn group. If you have a profile on http://www.linkedin.com, go to the RIMSBL group and simply click the join button. It is open to anyone affiliated with RIMSBL and is for professional networking purposes.