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July 4th Season Mid-Point and Trade Deadline approaches

Sunday June 26, 8:52 PM

The mid-point of RIMSBL's 27th season approaches. Seems like yesterday that this league started with just 4 teams and players had to be 30 years old to play. The league has gone through many changes. RIMSBL was the first league in the US to start a 40 and 50 year old division. We were also the first league to go entirely wood bat. 

After may changes the league is back to being an essentially 30 and over age requirement league. There were some good things, as well as negative things about carrying a younger division. I'll leave the opinions about that to all of you.
Nonetheless, here we are 27 years young and we're testing inter league play with Boston and I believe everyone is in agreement that it's been a success. A success that we ought to build on.
Half way point and as stated the trade deadline approaches. And yes, there were trades in this league over the years.
At the conclusion of the 1993 season Dave Masse was traded from the Providence Grays to the Mariners for Keith Ryan. And the first player traded in RIMSBL was myself. I was traded from the Grays to the Blackstone Valley Athletics for Joe O'Neil in 1989. So keep your bags packed as we head down the stretch. Some teams may feel that they can't contend in the playoffs just may trade a player or two that can help a team close to winning it all. Either way you can't have 6 months of this much fun between the game and dugout bantering in any other activity. Best of luck to all of you. Don't measure your success by your batting average, but the ability to remain healthy enough to continue playing.