Rhode Island American Legion Baseball League

News: Welcome to the 2024 RI American Legion Baseball Season!
Sunday June 09, 8:23 PM

Good Luck this summer gentlemen:  LET'S HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!


Reminders on simple rules to follow:  GROUP TEXTING IS OUR FRIEND!!


1.  If you do not have your background checks for all staff and the abuse awareness class completed for all staff and 18/19 year old players on your team (certificates of abuse class to John Parente), as well as your form 2s to John Parente, and your dual participation form for any player playing two teams (John has to log in names), as well as your insurance certificate copy to him- you cannot begin play and forfeit until you do. 


2.  All forfeits carry a 50 dollar fee.  The coach receiving the forfeit will send a group text to the umpire in chief, commissioner of the league, and the compliance officer.  The fee must be paid at your next game to the home plate umpire or you cannot play and forfeit that game. 


3.  If two forfeits, you have to show just cause before being able to continue league play to the board ( league commissioner  will hear your just cause and group text the board for a vote for immediate action). 


4.  If you forfeit in the last week of the season it carries a 150 fee. This disqualifies you from playoffs unless you show just cause with the same procedure above.  

News: Welcome to the 2024 RI American Legion Baseball Season!
Sunday June 09, 8:23 PM

5.  Phone numbers of the board are below. Phone numbers of the coaches are listed on the "news" tab on the left side of the page. If you have to cancel a game due to WEATHER ONLY- you would TEXT Joel Richards the umpire in chief and he will let the appropriate commissioner and compliance officer know in a group text.  

You would then as the home team reach out and offer the opposing team two dates- within 24 hours or next business day on a Friday.  The coach then has 24 hours or next business day on Friday to respond and give the new date  in a group text to the umpire in chief, commissioner,  and compliance officer.  If this process is not completed by then- the compliance officer will choose one of the dates or neutral site he may find.   

6.  If you have a protest on the field it will be handled by the umpires and if not resolved will contact the umpire in chief and then commissioner if need be.  If you have an issue with another team with rules procedures or a complaint

Regarding the league, the issue will be heard by getting a 75 dollar fee to George Walmsley.  The board will make a decision following the procedure stated above.  No issue complaint of another team will be heard without the fee.  

7.  Both teams MUST text Brian Tucker the score of the game and the pitch counts nightly.  This allows coaches to check the website.  Please tell the other team at home plate your previous days pitch counts and who is ineligible to pitch.

If a day passes, Brian will send you a reminder text.  If three days pass- he will let the respective commissioner know who will contact you for an update to further continue your team play. 

We reviewed all these at all meetings and there were no further questions minus the calling in scores but we have to make sure it’s done. 

I just wanted to put this in writing to all of you to follow.  This sheet is your best friend as well.  Print it out and carry with you. 

PLEASE FOLLOW CHAIN OF COMMAND.  You would contact league commissioners for questions.  You then can contact John Parente or myself  From there you may contact Cory Bates.

News: 2024 RI American Legion Board of Directors
Sunday June 09, 8:22 PM

2023 American Legion Board of Directors

Cory D Bates- Commander Chairman



John Parente - Assistant Chairman



David Schiappa- Assistant Chairman/Secretary



David Rathbun- Senior  Division Chairman



Jim Foster- Senior Asst. Division Chairman



Jim Morrison- Junior Chairman/State Tournament Director



George  Walmsly- Treasurer



Chris Hopkins

Compliance Officer



Nick Zeal

IT/Scheduling in training 



Joel Richards - UMPIRE IN CHIEF wants texts 662-3330

Brian Tucker-465-4347  -both teams text scores and pitch counts!!!

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