League Leaders
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Hit By Pitch
Player HBP
Tim Malley 2
Joe Rossi 1
Rob Rachiele 1
John Tedder 1
Nelson Benitez 1
Other On Base
Player OOB
Tim Malley 10
Jose Martinez 3
Joe Rossi 2
Edgardo Ramos 2
Richard Pacino 2
Runs Batted In
Player RBI
Jose Martinez 13
Rob Lalime 11
Richard Pacino 8
Tim Malley 6
Ed Schmitt 6
Stolen Bases
Player SB
Rob Lalime 12
Tim Malley 7
Nelson Benitez 5
Jose Martinez 5
Joe Rossi 1
On Base Percentage
Player OBP
Francisco "Cisco" Ramirez .600
Rob Lalime .526
Alberto "Jeter" Malagnon .500
Joe Rossi .478
Richard Pacino .458
Slugging Percentage
Player SLG
Francisco "Cisco" Ramirez .765
Alberto "Jeter" Malagnon .667
Rob Lalime .521
Richard Pacino .400
Jose Martinez .400