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One of our own needs support and help
Thursday September 28, 12:21 PM

Colt 45s!

First, I've really missed you! And yeah, I've missed playing ball this summer. 

To recap what's been going on - Steve, thank you for being my point person all summer, you're the best.
As some of you know, I left the game at Pierce in June to help Spencer and haven't been back in uniform since. Spencer and I needed to get back to Minneapolis asap for the best of the best medical attention we couldn't get in RI. In his best interest, I set us up in an apartment walking distance from his clinics and hospital to get the medical attention we've needed every time his pancreatitis spikes (roughly every 2 1/2 weeks for 5 days; requires IV meds you can only get in the hospital). With the experts, we all agree he needs a TPIAT (total pancreatectomy + more), which is scheduled for tomorrow, September 29th. It can't come soon enough. 1 day away. It requires multiple teams, approximately 35 medical professionals for the 10+ hour procedure. It says something about the pain and the struggle that, while anxious and nervous, we're looking forward to it! As a kick in our asss reminder, we spent five of the last nine days in the hospital dealing with his chronic pancreatitis pain. It was just one more reminder that this is the only course of action to take. There is a long recovery following - twelve months realistically - we're hopeful he can get back to RI before the new year...but we're not rushing it. 

Anyway, if you want more details please read the link below. Inside the GoFundMe page is also a link to an article Spencer wrote last year on the (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) site about how pancreatitis led to his genetics testing and CF diagnosis via Mayo. I'd ask that you also share it within your communities, but no pressure at all. 

We greatly appreciate all the prayers, good vibes, and positive karma being sent our way! It means more than you know!

Go Colt 45s!

Hiram, 'H'


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