2020 Covid 19 Rules and 2020 Revised Playoff Qualification Rules

2020 Covid 19 Rules and 2020 Revised Playoff Qualification Rules
Covid 19 rules 

1.  Masks are going to be optional once you are on the field. You will need to wear a mask when you exit your car and are waiting to get on the field.  Thereafter, masks are optional for everyone but are recommended for batters, base runners and 1st baseman.  

2. Fans are allowed at the field but must wear masks and remain >6 feet apart from everyone else, except for those parties that came with them to the game. 

3.  We are strongly recommending that our umpires call balls and strikes from behind the mound.  We will still have two umpires at our games but this will mitigate the crowding at the plate, particularly given how long an umpire spends there.  

4.  Stealing is allowed.  However, once the baserunner reaches 1st base the 1st baseman is to stand a couple steps behind the bag (6' if possible) until the runner takes his lead and then step up to the bag.  This way two people won't be on or directly near the bag at the same time.  If there is a pick off play the 1st baseman is to apply the tag and step away.  The point is to limit the time that the 1st baseman and runner spend in close proximity to each other as much as possible.  It will literally take the first baseman two quick steps to get to the bag once the runner takes his lead.  

5.  There will be no sharing of bats, helmets, gloves or catching gear.  Please make sure you have two sets of catching gear at the game if there is any chance you will use two catchers. Also advise your players they need to bring their own helmets, bats, gloves and other equipment with them.

5.  Baseballs.  The Defensive team will provide the "plate" umpire with three balls and another for their pitcher (4 balls total) at the start of the inning.  When the inning is over the umpire shall give the catcher or pitcher those balls back and the other team coming out on defense shall provide their 4 balls.  Both teams shall try to chase their own balls once they are in the dugout or with spare players during the inning.  The teams should each wipe their respective baseballs off with a disinfectant wipe between innings. This insures that your team will handle only baseballs used by your team and vice versa.

6.  Managers shall bring disinfectant wipes with them to every game to sanitize balls and players hands/batting gloves and equipment as needed.  Given what we've had to go through as a league to make this season work I'm going to ask that the managers provide their own disinfectant.

7.  The rule discussed in the winter meeting, for a time limit between innings, is hereby suspended until further notice. There is no way we can move forward with that rule this year with all the ball changes, disinfecting  and social distancing rules going on.  We will continue to have the normal 3 hour time limit, per our rules, and night games relative to the specific field's curfew.  

8.  Team's that are waiting to play must stay completely off the field until every player from the previous game has exited. They may wait in the stands wearing masks and socially distancing (6 ft apart) or they must stay off the field and at least 15 feet away from any players or other parties in the area also wearing masks.  

9.  Pitchers are  not allowed to go to their mouths during the game.  For mound visits players need to stay 6 ft apart, try to limit the visit to no more than 3 players and keep it brief.

10. Anyone with any cold or flu symptoms including coughing, sneezing, an elevated temperature, change in sense of smell or taste etc. SHALL NOT COME TO THE FIELD AND/OR HAVE ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH ANY TEAMMATES, OPPOSING PLAYERS OR UMPIRES  

11.  If any player tests positive for Covid 19 then that player needs to quarantine as recommended by the CDC.  Additionally, that player's team, and any other team he has played on in the previous 14 days, shall not be allowed to play for 14 days after the date of the positive test.  It is imperative that we follow this rule to the letter.  Additionally, we shall fully disclose any positive tests we become aware of to all league managers.  If anyone suspects they may have been exposed to that player then he or they must quarantine for 14 days from all league activities. 

12.  Players may not use the dugouts in any Cranston fields or where otherwise prohibited.  In fields that still allow the dugout to be used we will limit the dugouts to 4 players at a time and spread them out at least 6 feet apart.   

The 50 Division shall comply with all of the aforementioned rules but shall make the following two modifications:

1.  Base runners must remain on base until pitcher releases ball and first baseman shall play off the bag.  Runners may take their lead and/or steal after the pitcher releases the ball. Runner must return to the base once pitcher has the ball. If the runner leaves early he is declared out and it is a dead ball.  On pickoff plays by the catcher and passed balls the runner may advance.  If there is only one umpire available there is no stealing.

2.  The 50 division will make every effort to avoid forfeits.  Therefore, for the 2020 regular season, if there are at least 16 players available between both teams, the game shall be played with player sharing.  These games shall count in the standings.  ?If there are less than 16 combined players then normal forfeit rules shall apply.

REVISED Playoff Qualification Rules:

For the 30 division and the 50 division a player will qualify for the playoffs if he has:

15 plate appearances.
4 pitching appearances and 7 complete innings or 3 pitching appearances and 10 complete innings.

For the 40 division a player will qualify for the playoffs if he has:

19 plate appearances
4 pitching appearances and 9 complete innings or 3 pitching appearances and 12 complete innings.